We’ve launched an exciting new feature just for you. Check it out!

Do you forget to start Impact App on your walk sometimes, and realize later that your walk could have helped someone?Don’t worry, we’ve got your back now!

Introducing Passive Step Tracking! Now every step counts literally.

Right from the first step out of your bed to the last step before going to bed, Impact will track your steps throughout the day and you can donate the collected steps to a social cause of your choice at night. And guess what, you do not need to start it every time to record the steps.

You can feed kids, plant seeds, empower women with just your steps. Every 2500 steps (~2 km) = Rs. 10 for Charity.

Follow the steps below to activate Passive Step Tracking:
Step 1: Update Impact App from Google play store/App Store

Step 2: Click on Allow on the Orange strip on top of your Impact Homescreen

Step 3: Click Allow to connect with Google Fit

Let Impact track your steps in the background and open the app whenever you wish to donate the collected steps.

Let us know how it feels. We’re always eager to know your experience.
Happy Impacting!

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