Remember when we raised ₹2,56,922 towards the cause of Disadvantaged girl’s Education?

The NGO Akshara Centre has sent a Letter of Appreciation to acknowledge our actions.

21 June 2019 Dear Team Impact,

Akshara Centre really appreciates your efforts in raising ₹2,56,922 towards ‘Disadvantaged girls Education Cost’. We. At Akshara Centre, wish to thank you all Impact team and your App users. Each of you is indeed making a huge difference in someone’s life. This contribution will help 37 underprivileged girls to work towards their dream and get higher education.

Akshara Centre provides scholarships for education, training in life and technical skills, and the job placement for socially and economically disadvantages young women between the ages of 14 and 24 in Mumbai. Poverty and lack of resources and daughter of single mothers are some of the crucial criteria for selection of girls. Their parents are usually from the Informal Sector doing jobs as domestic servants, office support, watchman etc. Free primary education provided by the government has reached most of this target group. They are educated up to the 10th and 12th standard but higher education amongst this group is very low. Akshara support them to complete their higher education.

Thank you and Regards,Nandita Shah,Co-Director,Akshara Centre

We are very fortunate that we have a community of Changemakers, who bring about a difference in the world with every step we take. This letter here is our proof of doing good in the world and making sure that our efforts reach the NGO and the beneficiaries.

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