Introducing Indoor Tracking To Stay Fit While Staying Indoors

The world is facing a challenging time. Something no one has ever faced before. And such times are a test of our character as humans.

We sincerely hope that you’re taking every precaution that you can to avoid affecting yourself and others. And if you’re not, we would request you to start being cautious. It’s high time!
Please do NOT leave your house for a few days. And ask your family and friends as well to stay at home as much as they can. Social Distancing as we all call it now is the need of the hour.

And it has its positives too. We’ll get to spend more time with our family. We’ll get to try new things like cooking, sketching, dancing, learning to play the guitar, learning a new skill online, reading books and whatnot.

But staying at home can take a toll on your fitness both physical and mental. It can be emotionally frustrating being at home all the time. Now that you can’t go out for a walk or run (and we request you not to), what can you do to keep yourself active and fit?

The simplest answer is to walk indoors. And that is why we’ve launched a new feature called Indoor Tracking just for you to cop up in these difficult times.

What is Indoor Tracking?
Indoor Tracking is where we’ll track your steps instead of your distance. It doesn’t need your GPS location so you can move around in your house, jump in one place, dance and all those steps will be counted for a cause.

How can I use Indoor Tracking?
First of all, update your app from the play store. You’ll see that the Start Workout button is changed to Outdoor Workout (blue button). Once you click on that, you’ll get an option to choose between Outdoor Workout & Indoor Workout. Just select Indoor Workout and start walking.
Alternatively, you can long-press on the Outdoor Workout button to change from Outdoor to Indoor. You’ll see the button in Green instead of Blue.

What is the conversion rate of Indoor Tracking?
Every 1250 steps = Rs 10

How to differentiate between an Indoor & Outdoor workout in Workout History?
2 ways.
1)The outdoor workouts are marked with Blue tags on the left while the Indoor workouts are marked with Green Tags
2) Outdoor workouts show distance in km while the Indoor workouts show Steps

Will I get badges for Indoor Workouts?
Yes. Exactly like you get them for active outdoor workouts now.

How is it different from Passive Step Tracking?
Passive Step Tracking is just to record your casual steps taken throughout the day. It is to ensure that every step you take in a day goes to support a cause even if it was taken just to complete a chore. (2500 Steps = Rs 10 for a cause)

Indoor Tracking is when you actively want to track your walk to achieve your fitness goals but cannot really go out. It works on treadmills, stairs, inside a house. Since it tracks through steps and does not require GPS, it’s the best choice when you can’t walk in an open area. (1250 Steps = Rs 10 for a cause)

And Outdoor Tracking is when you go out in open to walk or jog like in a field, in a park, on the street etc. It tracks your distance through GPS location of your phone. (1 km = Rs 10 for a cause)

So, go give the indoor tracking feature a try and share your experience. Our team has worked very hard to launch it at this time so that none of us breaks our walking schedule even when staying in. Also, indoor tracking will only be available until the situation gets better. So, try it out now.

Write to us at in case you have more questions.

And the most important of all, Stay Safe. Stay Indoors. Stay Healthy.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
We wish all you lovely changemakers good health.

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