7 Out Of The Box Benefits Of Morning Walk That Will Get You All Pumped Up

Can you think of couple of things that happened all of a sudden and worked wonders for you? Early morning walk is one such thing, that I never planned for, yet became an integral part of my daily routine. Thus, with this post I have tried to do justice to the same by mentioning benefits of morning walk.

I am surprised by the ways early morning walk brought a drastic change in my life and to how I go about my day since then.

But before I jump to the benefits of morning walk, here’s the story of how it all happened, and how I fell in love with the process.

benefits of morning walk

Being an undergrad student, I always wanted to make the most of my time, while continuing to sit through some of those unnecessary lectures. I found waking up early would be the best solution to it. But I struggled to wake up early, having already tried for months. So to cope up with the same, I started working late till 3 am.

Just on one such occasion, I stretched the work hours a little longer. Only to realize it was 5 am already, and a sleepless self with nothing to do. Also, staying up all night – sleeping at 4 – waking up late, had disturbed my daily cycle and left me with fear of any sort of sleep deprived scenarios.

That was the first time, I decided to step out of my home and go for a walk at 4 am, and since then its been my favorite hour of the day.

7 Benefits Of Morning Walk To Make You Fall In Love

Early morning walk is the easiest way to spend time with yourself, rejuvenate your mind while staying fit.

1. Break The Rules, Join The Rebels

It helps set rules of your own. While everyone else is asleep you would have already started your day. It gives you edge over others and helps you manage your time and plan the day.

Early Morning Walk, helped me achieve something I struggled with throughout i.e waking up early.

As it is said, ‘set a goal that makes you jump out of bed in the morning.’

No matter how hard you try, you can’t wake up early if it seems like a task for you. I did the same mistake for very long. But if you are excited for something, you might even not need an alarm clock.

As I was excited to walk early in the morning, I never struggled to wake up again.

So go ahead, break the rules, set some of your own and go for an early morning walk before you set to achieve them, may be it will give you a new perspective to look at them.

2. Shoot Your Confidence To Sky

Giving a huge boost for your day, is amongst important benefits of morning walk.

Waking up this early, you have already completed one task for the day. It gives a feeling of accomplishment. What’s a better way to kick off the day.

Already you have completed the goal, going to walk is yet another thing you ticked of the list. But more important is you would return from the walk motivated and confident to accomplish the most important task of the day.

This is enough to keep you pumped for the day to target your goals one after the other.

3. You Are At Your Creative Best

When you set out to walk in fresh air of the dawn, you have all time and energy in the world to let your creative juices flow and your mind to run wild.

It helps you analyse your current state be it financial, professional or your personal life.

This is the time when you can basically assess your life and set priorities, while giving a thought to the most silly things which you would not focus on otherwise.

You start your day as a winner!

4. Reduce Stress & Kill Depression

To truly underline the benefits of morning walk, one needs to look closely knit strings between walking and life in general. Its bad to run from your problems, but you can always walk by them. One step at a time.

Coz even in life, you need to keep walking, from failure to failure, with no loss of enthusiasm.

Once you get habituated to early morning walks, it becomes an addiction, to feel the fresh air, and you happen to tackle problems better.

This helps in dealing with any sort of stress, anxiety and even overcoming depression. As walking alone in the freshness of dawn, you spend enough time with yourself, which is lost in todays fast paced life.

This helps you breathe, relax and realise if the problem you are sweating over is worth the time.

Regular walking does help cure depression and improve mental health.

No matter what you learn to just keep walking.

5. Happy Morning Walks Build A Sense Of Gratitude

In our fast paced life, managing work-life balance, we often miss out on noticing lot of important things in life we are blessed with.

When you step out for those early morning walks, you meet people from different walks of life. Everyone with his/ her tale.

You start being empathetic to their stories, noticing small things in your neighbourhood, you cherish those animals, freshness of the nature.

That’s when you take time and be grateful to what you are already blessed with and cherish that.

6. Say No To Sleeping Pills

Do you use pills, that keep you from continuously changing sides at night and become a necessity for you to have a sound sleep.

Early morning workout, and hassle through the day leaves you tired enough to fall asleep without a lot of struggle and counting those sheep.

Early morning walks have been proven to be cure for insomnia and an aid to getting sound sleep.

7. Be A Healthier Version Of You

Needless to say, one important aspect of benefits of morning walk is direct impact in your health.

It has proven to help get fit both physically and mentally. Apart from being a driving force in issues regarding mental wellness such as anxiety and depression, morning walk is also recommended to lot of people for its numerous health benefits.

Some basic effects early morning walk can do on your health are:

  1. Increasing heart fitness
  2. Reduced chances of heart attacks and strokes
  3. Best for controlling high blood pressure and high cholestrol
  4. Reducing belly fat or body fat in general
  5. Improved muscle fitness and stamina

Hope these benefits of morning walk were inspiring enough to push you to walk that first step and fall in love with the process.

Be aware, it’s addictive.

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