Impact for Apple Watch


Every 500 calories you burn now feeds a meal to a hungry kid in need!

More than 3 Crore (30 Million) kids sleep hungry every night in India. That’s more than 7% of our country’s young. This percentage is similar for many more countries across the world.

Now we know that dreaming of ending world hunger in a year is naive. But if we all work together, we can surely end it within the next decade. Imagine living in a hunger-free-world in 2030. Feels amazing, doesn’t it? It makes us smile wide, work hard and sweat out for. It makes us take simple steps to get there.

At Impact (meaning, Important Actions), our mission is to create a community of changemakers — A community of changemakers who take simple, important actions for causes they care.

With Impact App, every step walked and jogged raises money for charitable causes like fighting hunger, ending illiteracy and eradicating poverty; Caring companies sponsor our sweat and steps → Corporate funding+Crowd sweating = Long-lasting Impact

We have built a special Apple watch app to convert all the calories you burn through the day and make them count for a cause you care.

You simply have to choose a daily calories goal, sync with Health kit and at the end of the day donate your calories!

With Impact’s Calories for Calories campaign, meals equalling the total calories that our on Apple watch community burns will be donated and distributed daily with needy kids from rural India and slums of urban India.

From October 2nd, 2019 to January 1st, 2020, we aim to reach 1Million meals fueled by your calories. (#MidDayMeals)

Impact App has partnered with great nonprofits solving hunger in India like Akshaypatra, Roti Bank, Feeding India as its meals-implementation partners. Impact will match the calorie burn number to donate an equivalent amount to ensure instantaneous implementation on-ground.

Let’s be the change we wish to see. Burn calories for charity.

Get fit. Do good.

Be the change you wish to see!